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Schmees & Lühn
Schmees & Lühn
Schmees & Lühn
Schmees & Lühn
Schmees & Lühn
Schmees & Lühn


High-grade construction materials and powerful technology can be bought - but experience can't. Our experience comes from more than 100 years of continuous improvement which has led us to optimized processes, perfect execution and absolute timeliness. The unmistakable signature of Johann Bernhard Schmees, our company’s founder, can be seen in all of our projects.

Building on the A31 in Niederlangen of approximately 13,000 m² of production facilities for the production and renovation of foot and cycle path bridges . At this new location timber,  steel construction and corrosion protection are combined under one roof. Components of up to 60 meters long, five meters wide and a maximum weight of 80 tons can be manufactured or refurbished here as complete individual pieces.

Alfred Lühn retires from the company.

Closure of subsidiaries in Poland and the Netherlands. Clearer focus on bridge construction and renovation.

Purchase of steel- and metalwork company Funke Wessels GmbH in Lathen, name change to Schmees & Lühn GmbH & Co. KG. and start of broad company restructure.

Building of a 1400 m² timber framing shop with the latest machine and crane technology.

Foundation of a subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Foundation of a subsidiary in Poland.

Foundation of Schmees & Lühn GmbH. Alfred Lühn becomes managing partner. With the help of Josef Schmees, he leads the company to the top of the wood and steel engineering sector.

Schmees GmbH & Co. KG celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Construction of a 100m by 20m production shop.

Aged only 22, Josef Schmees succeeds him and transforms the company into an enterprise specializing in wood construction and civil engineering. Three years later the sawmill is shut down. Josef Schmees changes the focus to the construction of wooden bridges and buildings with a timber frame design.

Son Bernd takes over and goes on to build noise barriers and wooden bridges in 1988. He dies unexpectedly in 1993 – at the age of only 51.

Josef Schmees moves the company to Fresenburg, a good location for building a larger sawmill and an impregnation plant.

Johann Bernhard Schmees dies at the age of 63 and son Josef Schmees takes over management of the company.

Building of a sawmill in Lathen on the banks of the Ems river.

Company founded in Lathen, Germany. It goes into business trading poles and mining timber for industrial use.